About Me

Born and raised in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, I still live just a few miles from my childhood home on the breathtaking coast of the National Park.

As a lover of art and appreciator of all things handmade, it was still a surprise when, in 2000, I made the uncharacteristically impulsive decision to become a jeweller, and follow my dream of pursuing a career in the creative field. I proceeded with massive determination, albeit with no formal training and a rather hazy business plan. Nearly two decades later, with the unwavering support of my husband and lovely daughters, I work full time designing and making my own style of contemporary silver jewellery which is displayed and sold in galleries throughout Wales. 

Inspiration comes from strange places; the shape of a stone, the roll of a wave, the form of a sculpture, even squinting at a pile of discarded metal scraps on my workbench. An idea forms, a quick sketch develops and I’m off! Using traditional tools and techniques I work intuitively… never entirely sure where each piece may lead… 

In the words of Michaelangelo… I am still learning